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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.


October 28, 2013 Issue


New NKDEP Newsletter: Riñones, Tesoros News

This month NKDEP will launch its first Spanish-language eNewsletter, Riñones, Tesoros (Kidneys, Treasures). Riñones, Tesoros is a quarterly Spanish-language newsletter that highlights NKDEP’s Hispanic outreach initiative and Spanish-language resources. It offers simple information about kidney disease and tips to keep kidneys healthy, while providing educational resources for community health workers (promotores), kidney disease patients, and people at risk for the disease.

If you or someone you know speaks Spanish and is interested in kidney health, sign up to receive the Riñones, Tesoros newsletter!

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Essence Festival: Reaching African Americans At Risk for Kidney Disease

An image of slides from the Chronic Kidney Disease 101: Nutrition Intervention module

In July, NKDEP brought messages about kidney disease and its risk factors to African Americans through an exhibit at the ESSENCE Festival—the nation’s largest African American cultural and personal empowerment event. NKDEP engaged thousands of attendees over the course of the three-day festival, which helped extend the program’s reach into the African American community.

The NKDEP team distributed 7,000 NKDEP and NDEP educational brochures and materials including, What African Americans with Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Need to Know, It's Never too Late to Prevent Diabetes, and Make the Kidney Connection Outreach Cards pdf. And, since many booth visitors were attending or planning a family reunion this summer, they were excited to learn more about the Family Reunion Initiative and how they can easily integrate kidney disease education into their upcoming event.

Festival participants also shared stories of family members who have diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney disease and expressed gratitude to NKDEP for providing educational materials on making the kidney connection. Given the impact of these health conditions on the African American community, NKDEP’s participation at the ESSENCE Festival helped to bring the message of kidney health to some of those who need it most.

This National Diabetes Month, Remind People That Diabetes is a Family Affair
November is National Diabetes Month and the National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) wants people to know that Diabetes is a Family Affair. For people living with diabetes and their loved ones, family support is very important for managing diabetes and preventing serious health problems, such as kidney disease. This November, NDEP and its partners are working with individuals, families, and communities to take action and encourage simple, but important lifestyle changes to improve their health. Visit to find NDEP resources you can use with your patients to encourage healthy changes as a family, as well as promotional tools to promote National Diabetes Month in your community.

New Spanish-language Brochures Available
Adding to its growing suite of Spanish-language resources, NKDEP has finalized the cultural adaptation of three of its English brochures:

All three brochures can be downloaded or ordered from the NKDEP online Resource Center.

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