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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

October 2, 2009

NKDEP Encourages Faith-based Communities to Make the Kidney Connection

NKDEP's African American outreach now includes Kidney Sundays, a faith-based initiative designed to increase awareness about chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the African American community and encourage those at risk to get tested. African Americans are disproportionately affected by kidney failure - they make up about 12 percent of the population but account for 28 percent of people newly diagnosed with kidney failure.

A Kidney Sundays Toolkit was developed because African Americans increasingly are turning to places of worship to get accurate, useful information about issues that uniquely affect their community. The Toolkit provides African American faith-based organizations with everything they need to incorporate kidney health messages in their programs and events, including:

To learn more about Kidney Sundays or view the Toolkit, visit

Web Videos Aim to Foster Productive Patient-Provider Interactions on CKD

To support and encourage conversations between health professionals and patients, NKDEP recently developed a series of short web videos which may assist health professionals in answering common CKD questions. These videos expand NKDEP's patient education tools for health professionals, and are intended to help providers feel more prepared to initiate the "productive interactions" (outlined in the Chronic Care Model) with patients about CKD. Topics include CKD and risk, treatment, testing and diagnosis, and dialysis and transplantation. The videos are based on NKDEP's four patient education concepts for providing diabetes self-management education. To learn more or watch now, visit

NKDEP to Conduct Focus Group with Dietitians to Explore Education and Training Needs

NKDEP will again be conducting a focus group with dietitians during the annual American Dietetic Association Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE) in mid-October. The purpose of the discussion will be to explore ways to improve education and training about CKD and diet among general practice dietitians, and to increase physician referrals for medical nutrition therapy (MNT) of CKD. Participants will include dietitians who counsel patients with early CKD at least a few times per month. Findings from the focus group will be used to help NKDEP produce effective education and training programs for dietitians, and to help improve the physician referral process for MNT. In addition, NKDEP's Associate Director Eileen Newman will discuss this initiative during FNCE at a session entitled, "Developing Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Education Materials and Implementation Strategies for Registered Dietitians and Patients."

NKDEP Explores Role of Clinical Pharmacists

NKDEP has recently engaged representatives of the clinical pharmacy community to explore how the Program can best serve the educational needs of clinical pharmacists and their patients. The goal of the group is to reinforce the role pharmacists can play in identifying and managing patients with CKD. The group's first task is the development of a brochure for CKD patients to help them understand the need to avoid nephrotoxic medications and supplements.

NKDEP Connects Federal Agencies with New Online Tool

Now available on NKDEP's website is the Federal CKD Matrix - a user-friendly and interactive online tool developed by NKDEP to help those in the kidney community who are interested in learning about various CKD-related activities across the government. The Matrix contains:

The Matrix will be updated regularly to ensure it reflects up-to-date program and contact information. Access the Federal CKD Matrix at:

Tell NKDEP what you think about the Family Reunion Health Guide

NKDEP is conducting a survey to learn more about the usefulness and user-friendliness of the Family Reunion Initiative and its centerpiece publication, the Family Reunion Health Guide (Guide). If you have used or promoted the Guide, please give us your feedback through our online survey. The survey will take no more than five minutes of your time. Read the descriptions below and click on the survey link for the option that best describes you:

Option 1: For Guide Users
I did one or more of the following with the Guide:

Option 2: For Guide Partners
I did one or more of the following with the Guide:

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