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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

July 7, 2008

A New Resource Helps Providers Explaining GFR Results

NKDEP has developed a new resource, Explaining GFR: A tear-off pad for clinical use, to help primary care providers and other health professionals explain estimated GFR results with their patients. The tear-off sheets provide simple explanations of the kidneys, kidney function, and GFR results. They also include suggested actions for maintaining kidney health based on the GFR result. The back of the pad highlights key concepts and talking points for providers to use when educating patients about chronic kidney disease (CKD).

The tear-off pad was pilot-tested in select community health centers and the tear-off sheets were pretested with at-risk patients. Preliminary feedback has been extremely positive; pilot participant, Dr. Anne Camp of Fairhaven Community Health Center in New Haven, CT, said, "The pad is written in simple language that makes it easy to talk about kidney disease with my patients. Patients like having something they can take home with an explanation of their GFR value. Since I started using it, I can't do without it."

NKDEP is promoting the tear-off pad to primary care professionals - especially those that serve high-risk patients in community health centers (CHCs). For more information about the pad or to order up to five free copies, please visit If you are interested in promoting the pad, please contact us at A Spanish-language version of the pad is currently under development.

CHC-CKD Pilot Launched on July 1

NKDEP is working with a group of CHCs to improve CKD screening and management through a pilot project which launched on July 1. The pilot is designed to help CHCs adopt system-level changes that will help them meet CKD benchmarks, and also to help NKDEP identify best practices for wider dissemination. It is a cooperative effort, in which five CHCs in the Northeastern U.S. are designing, implementing, and monitoring performance improvements while NKDEP is providing technical assistance in the form of tools and training. Guided by the Chronic Care Model, the pilot features new tools for clinical decision support and patient self-management, as well as modified clinical information systems to capture data about four key performance measures: screening of patients with diabetes, improved blood pressure control, screening for complications, and providing patients with basic CKD education. Participating CHCs stay connected and share information via a listserv, a virtual office, and monthly calls. Look for more news in a future eUpdate.

NKDEP Research Shows Low Awareness of CKD Risk Among African Americans

The April issue of American Journal of Kidney Disease featured an article on African Americans' beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors related to CKD. Conducted by NKDEP, the first comprehensive study of its kind served to inform the development of NKDEP's African American outreach efforts and to provide baseline data. The study revealed that most African Americans have poor knowledge of CKD, they do not perceive it as an important health problem, and are not getting screened. The researchers conducted more than 2,000 phone interviews and found that 44% of respondents had at least one risk factor for CKD, but less than half knew what CKD was, and only a small number were taking steps to learn about or prevent CKD.

To view the article, visit To learn about NKDEP's efforts to raise awareness of CKD among African Americans and about ways that you can get involved, visit

NIDDK and NKDEP Educate African Americans about Kidney Disease through Media

The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) and NKDEP are engaging African American media outlets to disseminate various health messages and promote their programs. In partnership with Radio One Inc. and the Washington, DC-based WMMJ Majic 102.3 FM radio station, Dr. Griffin Rodgers, Director of NIDDK, is a spokesperson of the Healthy Moments series for this popular station with African Americans. The innovative program, which will run through April 2009, features 60-second daily radio announcements from Dr. Rodgers on topics including kidney disease, diabetes, and obesity. June featured announcements promoting NKDEP's Family Reunion Initiative.

NKDEP is promoting the Family Reunion Initiative through a nationwide media outreach effort targeting African American community-based newspapers, radio stations, and online outlets. These media outlets are encouraged to share tips from the Family Reunion Health Guide with their readers and listeners. Stories will be running throughout the summer and into the fall around the country.

For more information about Healthy Moments, please visit And for more information about the Family Reunion Initiative, please visit our Family Reunion section.

NIDDK Releases New Awareness and Prevention Series for Community Health Events

NIDDK has created a new health information series to raise awareness about kidney and urologic diseases, diabetes, and digestive diseases among people not yet diagnosed with these illnesses. The Awareness and Prevention Series, developed for community health fairs and similar events, features two-page fact sheets about a wide range of health topics. Each fact sheet gives readers a snapshot of an illness, highlighting risk factors, symptoms, prevention tips, and where to go for more information. The fact sheets are written in English on one side and Spanish on the other. Kidney and urologic diseases fact sheets address kidney stones, bladder control, and urinary tract infections. The publications can be downloaded or ordered through the National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse website at

Free Diabetes Clinical Practice Tools and Patient Education Materials

The National Diabetes Education Program (NDEP) offers free, evidence-based clinical practice tools for health care professionals and patient education materials for patients who at risk for type 2 diabetes and those managing the disease. For more information, call 1-888-693-NDEP (6337) or visit

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