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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

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New Get Involved Web Section Launches

NKDEP recently launched its redesigned Get Involved web section within, which helps kidney health champions like you find simple ways to promote kidney health year round. The easy-to-navigate site has three sections with tips for engaging with family members, faith communities, and patient and professional organizations. It also highlights people sharing their real stories and kidney knowledge and features interactive versions of our popular Family Reunion Health Guide pdf and Kidney Sundays Toolkit pdf to make planning these events even easier.

The Get Involved web section will be refreshed throughout the year with new ways to empower kidney champions to share kidney health information with their loved ones. Check back to see what’s new, particularly on the main landing page which highlights articles and resources.

Email us at if you have comments on our new Get Involved page.

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Make Kidney Health a Family Reunion Affair

With the arrival of spring, family reunion planners are busy finalizing plans and ideas for their summer events. Whether it's an extended weekend vacation for loved ones from around the country, or a backyard get-together filled with food, family and fun—events, such as reunions and barbeques, are great opportunities to talk briefly about kidney health.

To help you include health conversations into your family reunion, the National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) developed the Family Reunion Health Guide pdf, a toolkit that helps planners create kidney health activities that will engage loved ones in discussions about the connection between high blood pressure, diabetes, and kidney disease. New for 2014 is an online version that is easier to use on the go or at your family reunion planning meetings.

Here are three planning tips you'll find in the guide:

We want to hear from you! What steps are you taking to include kidney health at your family reunion? Email us at, subject line “Family Reunion”. Also, find additional tips on planning your family reunion on the new Get Involved website. See the red box on the right for details.

Page last updated: April 2, 2014