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November, 2011

Plan Your Thanksgiving Meal with Loved Ones in Mind

Cooking health-conscious meals around the holidays empowers year-round change

With Thanksgiving, the official kick-off to the holiday season right around the corner, many people are carefully selecting recipes for their most-loved dishes. Now is a great time to take a look at those classic recipes to see if there are small changes that can be made to help make the dishes a little bit healthier. Making these small changes can be especially important if you are cooking for family members who have diabetes or high blood pressure—two of the leading risk factors for kidney disease.

An image of the cover of a recipe book

As you plan your holiday meals, keep the following in mind:

You also can experiment with different recipes. Try the cornbread-crusted turkey, switch out your high-fat version of macaroni and cheese for a lower fat version and add the asparagus with lemon sauce for a healthier holiday meal. All three recipes are featured in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Keep the Beat™ Recipes: Deliciously Healthy Dinners cookbook.

The Deliciously Healthy Dinners cookbook shows how to quickly and easily prepare recipes that are good for your heart and your health. And just not for the holidays, but all year-round. Recipes include dishes that were created for the NHLBI that have an American, Latino, Mediterranean, or Asian flair.

For additional tips and healthy eating ideas, visit resources/kidney-connection-food-tips.shtml.

Do you plan to tailor your meal for loved ones with diabetes or high blood pressure?
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