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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

Lesson 6:
Living with kidney failure


Lesson Objectives »

By the end of each session, participants will be able to:

  • Identify that diet recommendations and medications may change when dialysis treatment begins.
  • Identify that Medicare has a special program that may pay for the cost of treatment.

Session Starter: »

What questions do you still have about kidney failure and treatment?

Is there anything you would do differently as a result of these classes?


Topics & Points To Cover: »

  • What to expect once you start dialysis
    • Will take time to feel better (won't happen after first treatment)
    • Medications may change
  • Basic diet changes for dialysis
    • More protein is needed due to protein losses during dialysis
    • Maintain low sodium and phosphorus
    • May need potassium and fluid restrictions with hemodialysis
    • Dietitian is part of dialysis team
  • Financial concerns
    • Employment and rehabilitation
    • Cost of treatments
    • Cost of medications
    • Transportation
    • Social worker is part of dialysis team
    • If self - employed
  • Quality of life
    • Sexual function
  • Transplantation
    • Waiting for transplant
    • If transplant fails

Sample Outcome Assessment Questions »

  • How is your diet likely to change when you go on dialysis?
  • True of False: The Medicare program covers the cost of treatment for kidney failure for most people?

Other outcomes:

  • Patient lists three ways that his/her diet will change and two ways medication use will change when dialysis begins.
  • Patient explains that Medicare will pay for the cost of treatment for kidney failure.
  • Patient states what he/she will do with information from today's session.

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