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Improving the understanding, detection, and management of kidney disease.

Meeting Minutes – Manufacturers' Forum
July 19, 2012

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK)
National Kidney Disease Education Program (NKDEP) Manufacturers Forum
AACC Annual Meeting — Los Angeles, CA
July 19, 2012
11:00 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.

The NKDEP Laboratory Working Group (LWG) met in conjunction with the International Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine's Working Groups for Glomerular Filtration Rate Assessment (WG-GFRA) and for Standardization of Albumin in Urine (WG-SAU), as the membership and goals overlap, and many of the scientific activities are conducted as joint efforts.

Participants: Greg Miller, Flavio Alcantera, Harald Althaus, Dave Armbruster, Lori Bachmann, Diana Blanco, David Bunk, Christa Cobbaert, Joris Delanghe, John Eckfeldt, James Fleming, Neil Greenberg, Susan Hahn, Lars-Olaf Hansson, Glen Hortin, Yoshihisa Itoh, Ron Jamison, Graham Jones, Dave Koch, Hans-Joachim Kytzia, David Lacher, Jack Levine, John Lieske, Gary Myers, Andrew Narva, Ron Newby, Mauro Panteghini, Karen Phinney, Sirpa Riistama-Laari, James Ritchie, Heinz Schimmel, David Seccombe, David Torrens, Jack Zakowski

Meeting Minutes

1. Uncertainty in Laboratory Assessment of Kidney Disease, Andrew Narva, MD, FACP; NKDEP Director

2. Cystatin C-based eGFR Equations, Greg Miller, PhD; LWG Chair; Virginia Commonwealth University

3. Creatinine Specificity Study Education Recommendations (from NKDEP/IFCC), Neil Greenberg, PhD; Chair, former IFCC WG-GFRA

4. IFCC/WASPaLM Task Force Update, Graham Jones, MBBS, BSc, DPhil, FRCPA, FAACB; St. Vincent’s Hospital

5. Update on Other Urine Albumin Standardization Activities
5.1 Urine Albumin and Creatinine Reference Materials,
Karen Phinney, PhD; National Institute of Standards and Technology

5.2 Urine Albumin Reference Materials, Y. Itoh, MD, DrSci; Asahikawa Medical College

6. Urine Albumin Reference Measurement Procedures, David Bunk, PhD; National Institute of Standards and Technology

7. Adsorption to Containers, Greg Miller

8. Physiologic Variability Investigation, Greg Miller

9. Urine Albumin Harmonization Status Investigation, Lori Bachmann; Virginia Commonwealth University

10. Other items, Greg Miller

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